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About Our Brand:

Having grown up in Marblehead, Golden Cod's are sewn into the history and lore of our town and the history of the growing nation we call in the United States. Having been a long-time friend of Ray Abbott, the artist who for decades carved the gold-leafed Cod's that adorned most homes in Marblehead as well as around the world, the meaning behind the Cod was also personal. With the blessing of the 'Cod-Father' himself, Ray gave us his blessing in 2009 to create what is The Golden Cod Design (GCD).


GCD was founded on the premise that high-quality clothing can be both good-looking and meaningful. We have created a simple and sophisticated line of gear that will make you look sharp on the boat, porch, or office. Our goal is to make you look as good as you feel.

Top: Sacred Cod in the Massachusetts State House
Left: Marblehead, Massachusetts colonial home
Right: Old North Church in 
Marblehead, Massachusetts 


History of the Golden Cod:

The Golden Cod (or Sacred Cod) hangs in the House of Representatives chamber of the Massachusetts State House in Boston. A representation of the Cod was also created by Paul Revere and placed on the steeple of the Old North Church in Marblehead and remains there to this day.

The Cod symbolizes the successes earned from the harvest of Cod in America during the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1840, this industry employed 12,000 people in roughly 1,300 vessels in coastal Massachusetts, including Marblehead and nearby Salem, and supported many related businesses.


Marblehead’s distinguished 250-year heritage of dragging Cod's from the ocean's depths fed untold thousands of the world's hungry across our growing nation, provided employment for thousands who would otherwise be idle, and put money in the pockets of those in need.

Today, the Golden Cod is a symbol of our heritage and the prosperity that helped jump-start the United States economy and country as a whole.

As you walk the colonial streets of Marblehead streets among the homes of these brave fishermen of yesteryear, you will see symbols of this proud history in the form of Golden Cods hanging above doors and, now, Cod’s worn with pride.

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